An Espresso at Mansons Lot cafe in Hong Kong

An #espresso at Mansons Lot #cafe in #hongkong. #hk #hkig #coffee



While wandering around Wan Chai, I noticed a new cafe in the area: Mansons Lot. How do you tell it’s new? Well from all the congratulatory bouquets, of course.

I decided to drop by and give it a try. The espresso is rich and creamy, a good sign.

Apparently they get their beans from a boutique roaster in Sydney, Di Gabriel. Pretty good.

Mansons Lot is in good company what with AmicalRabbithole and CoCo Espresso in the vicinity.

If you’re looking to get here, take note that Mansons Lot is on Swatow Street in Wan Chai, nearer to the Admiralty side of things. Just take the MTR to Wan Chai station and get out at exit A3. The moment you step out, cross Johnston road which will be right infront of you. When you reach the other side of the street, turn right and walk straight. Swatow street will be one of the streets on your right. Just keep going straight till you see it. Then turn left into Swatow street and head on down. Mansons Lot is near the end of the street.


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