The ferry to Tung Lung Chau

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Today I am trying to get to Tung Lung Chau. That’s literally Eastern Dragon Island. It’s main claims to fame are the ruins of a fort and an ancient rock carving. With such credentials, how could I resist?

I must confess this is my second attempt to reach Tung Lung Chau. My first attempt resulted in failure as I couldn’t find the ferry. Hong Kong’s public transport information has failed me at last. I suppose no one is perfect.

In case you’re trying to get to Tung Lung Chau, here’s how you do it.

  1.  Get the to the Sai Wan Ho MTR station.
  2. Make your way to Exit A.
  3. When you step out of Exit A, turn to your right and walk straight. You’ll need to cross several traffic light junctions but you should be heading in the direction of the sea. If you find yourself heading inland, you’ve turned the wrong way (you *can* tell your left from your right, yes?)
  4. Keep on heading straight till you can’t head straight no more (without walking into the sea that is.)
  5. Now if you’re facing the sea, on your left is the Grand Promenade. It’s a building with a bus terminal underneath. You should be standing on a seafront promenade. On your right is where you’ll find the ferry to Tung Lung Chau.
  6. There is no pier, the ferry docks at the steps going down to the water.
  7. There is no office. Just look out for a any hand painted wooden signs or any person who looks like their selling tickets.
  8. Buy your round-trip ticket and enjoy.

Btw plan your timing properly. You can’t change your return time without paying extra (or without a lot of cajoling.)

How to plan your time? Here are some facts that you’ll want to keep in mind.

  1. Tung Lung Chau is about 2 square kilometers.
  2. The paths are hilly and undulating but not strenuously so.
  3. There are two main points of interest on the island (ruins of the fort + ancient rock carving) with an additional third point if you’d like to see some scenery.

Overall, you can do the island in about 2-3 hours if you’re exploring the two main points. If you want to do the whole island, you should budget 3-6 hours depending if you want to walk the paved paths or the soil paths.

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