A cappuccino at Capo’s Espresso in Central, Hong Kong

A #cappuccino at Capo's Espresso in #Central #hongkong. #hk #hkig #coffee #cafe


In Gilman’s Bazaar (it’s an alley, why is it called  a bazaar?), there’s a little cafe called Capo’s Espresso. It serves good coffee, I think. The cappuccino featured above was just so-so but this place MUST serve good coffee. You want to know why I believe so?

It’s been around for a couple of years at least, that’s why. In my hunt for a good cuppa, you wouldn’t believe the amount of “great coffee” shops that aren’t around anymore. Traces of them remain on blog reviews, magazine and website articles, Foursquare and Facebook locations and Open Rice reviews but they have faded away. So I go looking for them and… they’re not there anymore. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Central where the rent goes up higher and higher each year.

So for this little cafe to survive in Central for a couple of years? It has to serve good coffee. Or be bank-rolled by a rich businessman as a hobby. Either one. I’ll try to make a weekday visit before I speculate on which.


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