Urban decay? A tiled mural on the crossbeam of the Kwun Tong line

#urban #decay? The #crossbeam on the support #pillars that hold up the #kwuntong line #mtr has a #tiled #mural on it. #hongkong #hk #hkig


Even though I pass by here often, I didn’t quite notice this. See that splash of colour in the middle of the pic? It’s actually a tiled mural.

The mural has been placed on a crossbeam between the pillars that hold up the Kwun Tong MTR line. The area directly above this photo is the MTR train tracks, it sits above the main Kwun Tong Road.

The crossbeam itself is pretty high up. You can see a double-decker bus at the bottom left-hand corner, so if you use that for scale you can tell how high up it is.

Right under the MTR tracks, a bit too high up from a drivers point of view… so who on earth could this mural be targeted at? One possibility is the MTR commuters themselves. The entrance to the Kwun Tong MTR station looks out directly on to this mural. You can’t see it if you’re on the platform floor since you’d be above it (it’s on a support column crossbeam, remember?) but the entrance to the station is one floor below and it would be clearly visible. The only issue is that it’s an MTR station, people are rushing in and out and are generally in a hurry to get to their destination. No one looks out onto the poor, neglected mural.

What’s the mural about? Well given that’s probably done by MTR corp, it centers around the MTR wending it’s way around town. It’s rather blackened by dirt and age (and who’s going to clean it all the way up there?) but it’s a nice gesture, I think. A spot of colour on bland concrete in an odd location.

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