The umbrella mender – a dying breed in today’s disposable world

The #umbrella #mender - a dying breed today's disposable world. An #old #brolly #repair #man at work. #hongkong #hk #hkig


Behold the umbrella mender, a repairer of umbrellas. Like the street cobbler, he is one of a dying breed.

Stop and think for a moment. What did you do the last time your umbrella broke? Perhaps the cloth tore or one of the spines bent. What did you do? I’m guessing you just threw it out and got a new one.

Umbrellas like shoes, used to be forever. You’d take them back for mending when they were worn out. These days umbrellas are just another disposable item.

Perhaps it’s just the economics of it? Umbrellas are made to be cheap, cheery and disposable. They’re not designed to last or to be mended. Planned obsolescence and in a weather-uncertain world, a guaranteed flow of income.

I’m rather against that idea. An umbrella shouldn’t be a flimsy and weak thing. It’s meant to shelter you from the sun and rain and whilst doing so, brave the wind too. I may be a bit of an oddball in this respect but I like nice umbrellas. A good solid brolly is joy to me, be they full size or collapsible.

I currently have a nice whangee-handled Fox umbrella and a collapsible Senz mini. They’ve lasted for a while and I expect them to last for quite a bit more. In case you think I’m an umbrella snob, I’m not. I previously owned (until I lost them) a Fulton and a Nike. They both held up very nicely and I’d still be using them today if I hadn’t bloody left them on trains somewhere.

Not every little thing need be disposable, what’s wrong with making some simple everyday items to last?

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