A latte by the street corner in Wan Chai

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I was attempting to hunt down Cafe Zambra in Wan Chai. After searching aimlessly, I checked Open Rice to find out it had been renamed. Would’ve been nice if you’d have indicated *what* it had been renamed to, Open Rice. Just saying*.

After piecing together the location via pictures and Google Street view, I realised it had be renamed to Bolaven. From a cafe and sandwich shop, it’s been turned into a Vietnamese restaurant… that still serves coffee. What.

Ok since they still served coffee, I decided to go in for a drink. The interesting thing about this joint is that it’s done up with floor to ceiling glass windows AND is located on a street corner. This makes it an ideal spot for people watching.

I picked a spot at the corner, literally the corner of the shop where two windows met and had my coffee there. This picture was snapped with my iPhone just as a jauntily dressed lady passed by. If it were for the shitty, shitty resolution it could pass as marketing material for Olympus, doncha think?


*Yeah, the web version of Open Rice mentions the new name but the app doesn’t

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