Rainy morning in Kwun Tong? Forget about it with a good cup of coffee at Cafe Essenza

#rainy #morning in #kwuntong? forget about it with a good cup of #coffee at #Cafe Essenza. #hongkong #hk #hkig


An illusion of light creates an advertisement.

The picture above isn’t a photoshop or advertisement poster of any sort. It’s actually a picture, taken with my camera phone.

This picture was actually shot through a glass wall. I’m not out in the rain, I’m seated comfortably in a cafe, Caffe Essenza, to be precise and looking out into the street. The cafe’s counter sign was reflecting on the glass, causing it to look as though it were hovering in the street like a hologram.

I snapped a quick pic and what you see is the result above!




Ok, the smarter ones would have realised that there’s a flaw in the story / picture above. Because it’s a reflection, the Caffe Essenza signage would have been reversed. You’re correct. This image was flipped on the vertical axis so that the Caffe Essenza sign would come out the right way. If you’re observant, you’d have noticed that the road signs in the picture are reversed.

Still it’s an interesting shot, no?

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