Kubrick cafe in Yau Ma Tei – a bookstore cum cafe attached to an arthouse cinema

Kubrick #cafe in #YauMaTei - a #bookstore cum cafe attached to an arthouse cinema. Here, a #lady has a #sandwich while jotting notes.


Most funky hipster places are located on Hong Kong island but here’s an outlier – Kubrick Cafe / Cinematheque in Yau Ma Tei.

Broadway is a cinema chain in Hong Kong but they have one arthouse outlet – Cinematheque in Yau Ma Tei. Cinematheque screens more artsy, independent flicks. They’re also the venue for a lot of independent film screenings / film festivals.

Attached to the Cinematheque is the Kubrick Cafe cum bookstore. As you can see from the picture above, it has a small cafe section and a lovely, haphazard bookstore. It’s not all organized and neat, it’s got piles of books and magazines lying around in piles- I just love it.

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