About Hong Kong Thru My Eyes

Hi there. Thanks for dropping by.

Hong Kong Thru My Eyes is a repository of my Instagram pictures taken in Hong Kong. All the pictures were taken by me on a device camera.

What’s a “device camera”? Well that means the camera that comes on your phone / tablet. So far I’ve taken pics on an iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPad. The photo quality isn’t that great but it’s acceptable given the convenience of having my “camera” with me all the time.

Hope you like what you see, each pic has some small commentary on it with my thoughts on the picture. After all, if I snapped it I must have liked that scene for some reason or another, no?

Hope you like the pics!


About the Pictures

Do you like the pictures on this blog? If you do then go out and take your own! No snark there, read on.

I take pictures of things that I find interesting. All of the scenes you see here are normal everyday viewing. There’s no climbing up to weird nooks, lying down on the floor in the middle of the road, camping out for five hours for the perfect light or any of that. I snap what YOU see.

A lot of photographers do the things I mentioned above and carry a sackful of equipment with them. They produce wonderful, beautiful pictures. However that’s not my philosophy. The pictures you see on the blog are scenes of everyday life. These are the things that I see when I commute to work or wander around Hong Kong. I shoot from the hip, I’ll be wandering along when I see a scene of interest to me. This moment is a brief junction in time so there’s no time to set up or prepare. I whip out my handy-dandy iPhone and snap! It’s done.

If you think they’re mundane; they are! If you think they’re beautiful or interesting; they are! It’s all around you and about you.

If you feel my pictures are mundane it’s because they are. I take from a general human perspective, I don’t often squat, jump or climb to get that shot so the point of view is generally that of normal persons. Hence it appears mundane because it is.

If you think my pictures look interesting it’s also because they are. I take from a normal perspective but I try to frame the shot as I’m seeing it in my head. I don’t always succeed, the human eye has more dynamic range than any CCD / film or other picture capturing apparatus ever developed and the human mind can focus on items much better than any lens can. Because of that I’m often not able to convey what I’m seeing in my head. There are quite a few lemons in this blog, let me tell you.

Well that was long and rambling. TL;DR: I shoot from the hip and you can too. Happy snapping!

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