Probably the most famous Indian restaurant tout in Mong Kok

Probably the most famous #indian #restaurant #tout in #mongkok. He does a great job in promoting the place. Makes me want to give the Miss India restaurant a try. #hongkong #hk #hkig #hkvideo #instavid

This guy is probably the most famous restaurant tout in Mong Kok. You can find almost every night at the intersection of Sai Yeung Choi Street and Nelson Street. He waves his banner, makes his cry and startles passers-by with his calls. He touts for the Miss India restaurant on nearby Tung Choi Street. He must be doing a good job, every time I pass by the restaurant is crowded.

Watch the video above to see him do his thing.

One thought on “Probably the most famous Indian restaurant tout in Mong Kok

  1. First – food at Miss India Restaurant sucks!!!
    The hygiene at the place is also pathetic.
    I have often wondered about the crowds at the restaurant. I feel it is because of the fact that diners at the place dont know what real Indian food tastes like. Also a lot of diners appear to be young people who perhaps are on a shoe string budget and cant afford anything better.
    I will never go there again as all the meets were undercooked. I only ate about 10% of the food brought. So disgusting I felt.

    With regard to the tout above – I feel he is absolutely disrespectful. He scares unsuspecting people crossing the road by sticking the restaurant’s pamphlet in their face and speaking in his mobile mic. Think about this … you are walking across the road talking to your friend and all of a sudden you have a pamphlet stuck in your face and a scary amplified voice announcing the name of the restaurant. I have also taken 3 videos which I wanted to post on some website or send it with a complaint to the police.

    The first video is of him scaring some old people – the man literally was dazed. When confronted… the tout said that was his job. He was so insensitive about the state of the old man.

    The second video is of him scaring some girls. I saw his doing it for several girls. From where I was it seemed he was harassing girls particularly and getting a lot of fun from it. He did not approach boys the same way.

    Finally there is a video of this guy scaring a tourist who dropped a glass of whatever he was drinking.

    I also got some pictures of an Indian guy who was scared by this tout. The Indian guy got into a huge fight with the tout after he asked the tout not to scare people the way he did. The tout asked the Indian guy to mind his own business as this was his work. There was a huge exchange of abuses. I know about it as it was all amplified on the touts mike. It ended up with the Indian guy bringing the cops and the cops took the tout to the street corner and investigating. The last I saw was the cops take the tout in the direction of the restaurant. I dont have those pics as the Indian guy saw me taking pics and approached me and demanded I delete the pics from my phone. I obliged as I did not want to piss off an already pissed off guy.

    So there is another face to your tout. He does not add to the charm of Mong Kok streets.

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