A mobile art exhibition in Kwun Tong

A #mobile #art #exhibition in #kwuntong. #hongkong #hk #hkig


On the way back from lunch, I spotted a shipping container parked outside a basketball court. It had been converted into a mobile art exhibition space. If you can read it, the writing says “Inter Cities: Ghostwriting the Future”. Apparently this exhibition has been around before as noted in this post on Irenebrination. So if that post was made in 2012, why I haven’t I head of it?

Well, it was exhibited by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects and Hong Kong Arts Development Council in the 13th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition and now it’s come home to Hong Kong for a local showing. More info on the roving art exhibition here.

From what I can see on the site and posts though, the exhibit in Venice was far larger than the one I saw in a container in Kwun Tong.

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