Hong Kong fashion on a rainy day – lady in a white / black colour-coordinated outfit

#hongkong #fashion on a #rainy day - #lady in a white / black colour-coordinated outfit. #black #bag, white #shopping bag, white #shirt, black pants, black #sneakers and black #umbrella. #style #hk #hkig


A well coordinated lady on a rainy day. As I was walking to the MTR station (in the bloody rain), this lady caught my eye. She stood out as she was colour-coordinated: blacks and whites. She was wearing a sheer white shirt with a black top and black pants underneath. She was wearing black sneakers and carried a black handbag and white shopping bag. To top it off, she was sheltering herself from the rain with a black umbrella.

I snapped this pic as she crossed on a zebra crossing – black and white. Appropriate, non?

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