Red Leaves in Yuen Long

At #TaiTong in #YuenLong, there are #SweetGum #trees which are similar to #Maple trees. The #leaves turn red in #winter / #fall. Loads of onlookers flock to the area to see the #redleaf #redleaves. #hongkong #hk #HKIG

At Tai Tong in Yuen Long, there are Sweet Gum trees which are similar to Maple trees. The leaves turn red in winter / fall. Loads of onlookers flock to the area to see the red leaves. It’s such an event that there are special public bus services and police manning the traffic for the area. It’s like a small scale Hanami.

One thought on “Red Leaves in Yuen Long

  1. Would like to use your gum tree photo for illustration for a free talk for non-profit use, to spread love for the under-privileged we serve very soon. Cannot afford to pay much for it. Please kindly let me know what you think.

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